About us

Simucall can trace its origins back to 1997, when our MD was approached by one of the country’s leading emergency services. They were having difficulty recruiting the right people into their call centre operator roles and were finding that, despite testing at interview stage, many candidates were not effective once employed, or put very simply, could not do the job.

The solution to their problem is still being used by them (and others!) today. The only difference is that it is now fully automated and online.

Simucall tests something that simple battery tests don’t: the ability to translate and process auditory information and record it accurately. It means that an individual will hear simulated calls — both the caller and the call operative — and will have to record what they hear in real time. The test will assess their ability to record information accurately, to work under pressure, and to be able to pick out the salient points of a conversation.

Most importantly, it works. It is also not unusual to see individuals who perform really well at general battery tests sometimes failing at Simucall. There is a huge difference between verbal reasoning, spelling and numeracy and real-world auditory testing. Some people are unable to do it — wouldn’t you like to make sure you know that before offering them a job?