When accuracy is essential, and mistakes can be costly

Simucall — the cloud-based real-world simulation that tests the ability to transcribe critical information from telephone calls. Use it for your call centre applicants, and make sure they can transcribe audio information accurately.

Our Services

Simucall is used to test people applying to call centres in a variety of public and commercial environments.

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Our Features

Simucall has been developed from experience with the Emergency Services, and has built in key features…


Simucall has evolved a test methodology and scoring that accurately reflects real-world situations.


Each test is unique, with multiple test scenarios chosen randomly.


The candidate is required to work “against the clock” for both audio information recording and typing.

“Cloud” based

The tests can be conducted anywhere, on any computer with an internet connection.


Simucall automatically generates a full report on each candidate tested.

Standard or Custom

We have standard tests for each environment, or we can help you set up specific tests for your operation.